How to get high google rankings & why you should be careful of going with cheaper SEO ‘experts’…

In regards to SEO Experts, there are a lot of people offering an array of SEO services for just $5 to $200… but in the experience of myself and my hosting expert Brad at XYZulu there are mostly scammers out there trying to do what good web developers and content writers should already have done. Here are Brad’s thoughts on those cheaper SEO ‘experts:’

  • they will never deliver long term SEO benefits if they promised “first page on Google” kinds of things
  • Google is smart.. stuffing keywords into the website as many times as possible won’t work in the long term
  • just write real, good content, link it to Google My business.. and you should be 90% of the way there!

Anyway, this is just one point of view, I encourage you to do your own research on the subject so you can understand the basics of SEO services. I really hate to see people waste their money with people using buzz words and cheap prices to lure them in. If you have any questions leave them for me below or contact me via my website contact form. I’d love to know what your issues are and will give you a free analysis of the SEO and ranking of your website if you like!

Why use a “thank-you-page offer” on your business website?

After reading Lead Pages’ in-depth article I’ve summarised for you business owners… so in short:

  • it is the fastest way to build your “know, like, and trust” factor online
    • → providing value to the users/buyers of this offer will make them more likely to use your product/service
    • → it then becomes easier to sell your product/service (note: it is best to push your businesses most popular or signature offer/product/service) to these customers in the near future
    • → in the end is easier to get testimonials and success stories to improve the social proof that boosts your business overall
  • it can offset the costs of advertising on Facebook, Google Ads, etc. → so better results from your online sales system and marketing is possible if you reduce the risk and expense of advertising online (instead of relying on organic traffic methods).

Thank you to the Lead Pages team for this article this useful article I would love web designers in Byron Bay and surrounds to use for their clients!

Why choose XYZulu to host your domain name AS WELL AS your hosting

The main reasons why I encourage my clients to really consider changing their domain names that are already hosted by other providers (i.e.: GoDaddy or Crazy Domains) to also be with Brad at XYZulu hosting (even if they have only just renewed with their current provider) include the following:

  • The domain and hosting is all in one place – it is easier for clients to avoid forgetting to renew etc
  • Makes it easier for the XYZulu, the preferred hosting provider, to manage the websites’ DNS records
    • (Note: Domain Name Servers are important to websites as it adds an extra layer of security – DNS enhances the security of DNS infrastructure, required for effective, secure updates)
    • (Extra Note: DNS is also probably something you need to be aware of as a website owner because it links the domain name to the IP –> internet criminals exploit weaknesses here by using fake records to trick your precious potential clients into visiting fraudulent websites, downloading malicious software, and worse)
    • plus XYZulu do these vital security measures for free if the domain is with XYZulu – not something that is always included with the hosting of domain names!
  • XYZulu run all domains they manage through ‘Cloudflare’, which speeds up their website and helps to protect it –> this is not always possible if the domain is elsewhere
  • For eligible domains (not XYZulu offer free domain privacy (other providers often charge for this) which hides the customers’ identity so their email address, phone and address are not visible on the internet –> meaning less spam etc.
  • We offer free email forwarding if they customer just wants an email address at their domain to forward to another email account they already have

Now it is totally up to the client of course, but Brad and I are here to make the ongoing management of your website into the future as easy and least expensive as possible.

If you are a business owner wanting to streamline your business processes and are low on time this is honestly the best path to take. Even though it may cost slightly more, in the long-term the cost/time/stress associated with your websites’ maintenance/security is drastically lower. All websites are bound to run into issues down the track, it is part of owning and maintaining a website. XYZulu include many of their services as part of their monthly/yearly fee – and you don’t need to engage a web designer in an hourly rate to help, the client turns straight to Brad at XYZulu who is the fastest and the best in the business!


A common problem my clients face with websites after the web design build is complete and they decide not to change to XYZulu is that they see the website not load correctly, i.e.: no images and the text comes up in a basic font – this is because the software is not updated. Unfortunately, this does take me time for me to do so I do have to charge for these services, however, this service charge can be avoided if the client goes with XYZulu as this is all part of their competitive hosting fee:

  • They automate updates and backups and also run the site through Cloudflare so that clients’ websites have extra protection and loads are spread in the event of high levels of traffic.
  • Brad at XYZulu gets an alert if the website is out of date and is not loading correctly – the alert is triggered (saying the website is down), and Brad is able to look into it asap.

This is a big plus for clients also as they do not have to constantly monitor their website for possible glitches and website software updates. It is all about a hands-off approach for myself and my clients, definitely worth the small extra amount for hosting and domain name services with XYZulu – see their hosting pricing and packages.

Let me know if you have any questions about this, we are here to help you – in a way you understand!


Business owners filling their customers needs – how to market your products & services to capture the best customers

As Rob from Fox Web School says: “When a business owner looks at a website, they don’t see that – they see a sales system. They see a tool that either creates sales, helps to find new customers, to better serve existing customers, saves them time serving their customers, brings in money, improves the business or it doesn’t.

In their mind, a website is ALL about sales. And if it sells, it’s worth paying for.”

I am currently challenging myself as to how I can do this better for my clients and better than my competitors. How can you do this for your small business, I’m talking about how can you apply these principles to your own product/service? How do you serve customers and what does your product or service do to:

  • Help them?
  • Better serve them?
  • Save them time?
  • Bring them more wealth, happiness, success, or whatever it is that is important to them?
  • Improves their life or themselves?

I challenge you to think about this deeply and bring it into your everyday business operations, as well as your long term marketing plan!

Best SEO plugins for WordPress websites Ballina, Lennox Head, Byron Bay

This is the low-down from a Reddit contributor – I love this style of review as it is real and raw! Take it or leave it for your own business – I am personally going to look into their recommendations as web design is constantly changing and I want customers looking for web design in Ballina, and surrounding areas, to have the very best!   From Elchains on Reddit forum: “Take it from me. My site is 100 per cent elementor through the use of the pro theme builder. I have zero contributions from a theme except for my favicon lol. I use elementor Hello theme which is the fastest theme out there hands down as it does nothing for your design and structure. For SEO I use SEOpress. It’s lightweight and rocks. You get video and schema included instead of separate additional charges from Yoast and you can use on more than one site. Month 2.5 I’m no. 2 on Bing and going from page two and 3 on Google. I’m niche though and I have no DA or real backlinks. You aren’t understanding Yoast and the keywords. The keyword you out in is only a guideline for your writing. Doesn’t matter if it’s one or ten it’s about how you write, link and structure.”

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