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How to get high google rankings & why you should be careful of going with cheaper SEO ‘experts’…

In regards to SEO Experts, there are a lot of people offering an array of SEO services for just $5 to $200… but in the experience of myself and my hosting expert Brad at XYZulu there are mostly scammers out there trying to do what good web developers and content writers should already have done. Here are Brad’s thoughts on those cheaper SEO ‘experts:’

  • they will never deliver long term SEO benefits if they promised “first page on Google” kinds of things
  • Google is smart.. stuffing keywords into the website as many times as possible won’t work in the long term
  • just write real, good content, link it to Google My business.. and you should be 90% of the way there!

Anyway, this is just one point of view, I encourage you to do your own research on the subject so you can understand the basics of SEO services. I really hate to see people waste their money with people using buzz words and cheap prices to lure them in. If you have any questions leave them for me below or contact me via my website contact form. I’d love to know what your issues are and will give you a free analysis of the SEO and ranking of your website if you like!

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