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Why use a “thank-you-page offer” on your business website?

After reading Lead Pages’ in-depth article I’ve summarised for you business owners… so in short:

  • it is the fastest way to build your “know, like, and trust” factor online
    • → providing value to the users/buyers of this offer will make them more likely to use your product/service
    • → it then becomes easier to sell your product/service (note: it is best to push your businesses most popular or signature offer/product/service) to these customers in the near future
    • → in the end is easier to get testimonials and success stories to improve the social proof that boosts your business overall
  • it can offset the costs of advertising on Facebook, Google Ads, etc. → so better results from your online sales system and marketing is possible if you reduce the risk and expense of advertising online (instead of relying on organic traffic methods).

Thank you to the Lead Pages team for this article this useful article I would love web designers in Byron Bay and surrounds to use for their clients!

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